Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween, Past and Present

I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the costumes I've worn over the years ... 
So lets turn the clocks back ... *chimes*

If you lived in Minnesota (or the mid-west) in the 1980's 
you know that winter was in full swing by the time
Halloween rolled around, thus your costume had to fit
OVER your snow-suit making climbing the stairs impossible!
My friend (since the age of 3) Dacia, is the bunny.
I'm the Care Bear (Tender heart) age 5

I hated these stupid plastic costumes, but back then
that's all we could afford. I was a Wuzzle 
(Eleroo, half kangaroo and half elephant).  Age 6

We lived in Florida when I was in 2nd grade. 
 Punk-rocker!! We went to a Halloween carnival
which was a blast, I loved wearing lip-stick. Age 8

Jump several years to my early 20's when I was
Little Red Ridding Hood who never made it to 
Grandma's house. I think I was 24.

Dressed as a clown, mid-20's

Finally I get creative and become Smurfette  using footless tights 
stretched across my back for the arms and of course 
worn as normal for my legs.
I had to buy the tights and make the hat, the rest I owned :)
  Age 28

Punky Brewster Age 29 ...  1 of 2 costumes this year
and yes I owned all of this, cheap costume!

I made the skirt, and the saddle shoes I bought
on-line and wear all the time!! (still 29)

 Me and the hubby before heading to Up-town/ Minneapolis

Gosh I love the 80's more then I thought! I only had to buy the shirt 
(and the hair color).  This pic is missing my black lace gloves and 
pink/black chain earrings. I took advantage of my pixie hair cut
and finally got the mo-hawk I've always wanted :)  Age 30

My most favorite costume: Amelia Earhart! 
She is one of my favorite people, so amazing. 
I grew-up in an aviation family, so flying has always 
been apart of my life.  I made the  hat and bought the 
leather jacket at good will for $14.00.  Age 31

Here is a shot of the complete look :)

Here is a pick of my hubby last year, I love this costume!!

When your name is Julie and one of your BFF's name is also Julie
you naturally become  " Julie 1 and Julie 2 " being Thing 1 and Thing 2
would be too common :)  I bought the wigs and made the shirts. I wish
I could say I found a great template, but nope ... I totally winged it. Didn't even 
measure the placement. I used a Golden medium GAC 900 (I think) which 
when mixed in equal parts will turn your acrylics into fabric paint! 
These shirts were heat set by placing them in the dryer for 30min.
I gotta say I'm happy with how they turned out, I'm sure these will be
making random, non-Halloween appearances!
Next time we stand on the correct sides... oops!
I am Julie 1. Age 32. 

And to complete the Dr. Seuss trio, my hubby
Chad in the Hat! 

To top off the Halloween season here is a little 4x4 
canvas painting for the hosts of this years party.
The background techniques I learned from
Juliette Crane, as I am taking the e- course: 

Hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane!!

*What is your favorite costume or Halloween memory?*

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  1. OMG!!! This is just too cute:) And gave me a good laugh. Which are my faves...hard to say because they are all so darn cute:) Okay...the wuzzle (??) very creative!! And Amelia is a fave! And Chad in the Hat??? Too much!! You have given me some great ideas for future Halloweens!! And oh! You look exactly like Punky Brewster!!
    so glad you are enjoying Juliette's class. The background looks amazing.


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