Monday, October 24, 2011

Behind the Mask *Finished*!!

Now that summer is gone and Halloween is nipping at our heels I feel like I'm running out of time. I'm not sure what I am racing against, but I've gone from speed-walking to a sprint.  I think this is the "make-the-most-of-what-is-left-of-2011" stretch before New Years and new resolutions.

I need to remember to take QUALITY time for myself ... watching junk T.V and feeling guilty about it because there are things I want to get done isn't taking time for myself.  Being creative is a great way to take some quality time for myself.

Anyhow, I had scheduled myself for a 12day work-a-thon (on accident) that really didn't allow for much artistic expression. I did what I could when I felt inspired and finally on Friday I was FREE!  Here is how the piece transpired.  

Just in time for Halloween : Behind the Mask

                               I wanted to create a character who while in costume had a story to tell
                               and didn't want to hide behind the wall or the personal mask she had
                               Not sure where the blue hair came from, but I was thinking of the crazy
                               poofs of the 1800's and also had visions of the masquerade party from 
                               Romeo and Juliette. 

                                Originally I imagined a castle, but then when I laid down the teal color I
                                wanted to layer white over it and suddenly I began thinking about the 
                                birch trees we had in our yard while growing up ... so I went with it. 
                                I used to peal the bark, this was like pealing away the mask, showing
                                the many layers that lie beneath. 
                                A couple days later I learned that birch trees are a symbol of renewal
                                among other things, so my subconscious really did lead me in a good
                                Here is the final product. There are bronze colored stamps and blue 
                                stamps that really don't show up well at all via photo, but I love the grungy
                                look it provides.
                                I was afraid the mask would take away from the rest of the picture, but 
                                I don't feel like it does... my eyes seem to roam about which is what I want.
                               A close up of the face shows the "writing stamp" I used. I was 
                               scared to put it on her face, but I used some distressed ink and applied
                               it lightly ... it turned out JUST like I wanted. 
                               A mask, like a cover should never be judged. The words on her being is
                               HER story. 
                               I used that stamp in other places too. :)

This was done on water color paper with water-soluble crayons, acrylics, acrylic dabbers, pearl spray stain, gel pens, black pit pen, stickles, feathers, gems and distressed ink. 

I'm glad its done, but I don't know what I am supposed to do with it ... I don't feel like I'm creating at a "selling" quality. I rarely keep anything I make, but not sure who would want this ... anyone? :)         


  1. Oh I love her! Especially love how the stamp on her face turned out! I would have been scared also! But it looks great! There's so much feeling in this little beauty! Great work!!! Oh and I joined your followers today! The Lucky Number 13!!!! YaY!!! I welcome you to drop by and visit me as well! Selah <3

  2. She looks great, I love her blue hair! Thanks for stopping by my blog, please visit again. Also, thanks for the compliment on my painting.


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