Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Commission work

I would never have thought people would like my work enough to buy it, not yet... Not when I'm still trying to find my style. Then a couple of weeks ago I was approached by a co-worker. She said she was looking at my work on FB with her daughters and they all loved the "Behind the Mask" mixed media piece I did (and the other stuff too). So she asked me to do two mixed media pieces for her daughters for Christmas!!
I don't think I can express how honored and excited I was/am... Not to mention nervous!
I asked a million questions about their likes, interests, eye and hair color etc. so I could make something tailored to each girl.
I finally got started and I'm just loving this process... When I know my art has a home to go to so much more heart goes into it. :)
So yes, I've been working and creating, but not being able to share is killing me... So I'm sharing a little preview for AEDM (its cropped so you cannot see the whole thing)!
I tried something different with this one and I really like it so far! Rather then just have the character standing around I am working on having them be in different poses... Since I'm very visual I pose the way I want my characters to look and have my hubby take pics on my IPhone then I can get the proportions and angles correct. Kind of strange, but totally works (great for facial expressions too)!


  1. wow looking forward to seeing what that is going to turn into! Its wonderful, getting a commission. Congrats!!

  2. It is so exciting when your work sells and when people are interested in it... hard to describe to people who don't work creativly... it is a great validation that you are well and truly on your way xx

  3. Wow I'm liking it, I'm grinning picturing you and your husband with the photo sessions I think that makes sense to me, I would do that to....IF I could draw, or paint or anything that takes real talent.


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