Thursday, November 24, 2011

Winter Dreams and Amelia Owl-Hart

With Thanksgiving coming to a close and my heart filled with many blessings I am again thankful for re-connecting with my artistic self.  I get such joy and fulfillment when I create something, especially something I really like that represents a true emotion of myself.
As an only child with first divorced parents and a dad (technically a step-dad) that passed away 3 years ago; I hold family close. This year, just like last year my husband and I went to my cousins on my step-dads side. While not blood related its never been a question of our relationship and my placement in the family, though I will admit I was scared I would lose them when my step-dad died.
I was devastated with the unexpected loss and the long grieving process because he was MY dad. We were very close, much closer than I was/am with my own mother. He just GOT me and yet would set me straight when it was needed. I was known as "Junior" with his work buddies and treated as though I was his own child.  I'm terribly sad he is gone, but I am 10x as thankful for having had him in my life! :)  I am still just as close with that side of my family which is a joy for me!
My step-dad loved winter, he dreamed of it all year long. The snowmobiling, launching mini-rockets on the lake up-north and sledding ... he enjoyed it all!  I love aspects of winter such as the first snow especially the large detailed flakes that fall in clusters, Christmas music and Christmas Trees (I lived on a X-mas tree farm for nearly the first 10 years of my life)!!

The larger 12x12 Mixed-media on canvas I finished a couple of days ago
(and previously shared), the smaller 5x7 I was did in an HOUR! 
Coffee makes me really jittery and gets me going! 
I made the smaller one for my cousin as a hostess gift for today. 
I hadn't thought of a name until the little one was finished. 
Winter Dreams ... seems fitting :)

Here's a close-up of the small one:

Here is the progress I've made on Amelia Owl-Hart

To see how Amelia Owl-Hart Started click: Here

If you want to learn how to make owls of your own check out the fabulous artist/teacher Juliette Crane and the e-courses that she offers, I highly recommend it!


  1. Julie...What a touching Thanksgiving memory. Thank you for the reminder that you don't have to be related by blood, to be family. I'm thinking of taking Juliette's "How to Paint A Girl" in January.

  2. Dear Julie, Thank you for visiting me!! Its lovely to hear of your wonderful memories of your father and great to hear that you are still close to your step family!! Its great to read that you are connecting to your artistic side and I hope you will keep going. LOVE your owls and Amelia Owl Hart is completely adorable!!! Wini xo


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