Thursday, November 3, 2011

Backgrounds to Owls

Can you believe it is November 2nd!? I remember being in GA so vividly and yet that was 4 months ago (in June) ... I visit family there when I can and in someways feel like GA is my second home. The south is like a drug and once its in your blood you are hooked. I crave going there, it has stolen my heart.

My last trip there was pivotal in my journey to becoming the best me, I can be. I am always finding out new things about myself or re-discovering old passions, which has been amazing!  I've wasted too much of my life comparing myself to others and in essence lost myself in the process. I was trying to figure out what others wanted of me and mold myself into THAT ... well after a few years of seeing a life-coach (everyone should do it) I realized I hadn't gone anywhere, but just need some dusting and mild repair to make myself shine again. :)

It was in GA (4 months ago) I learned to paint, or rather discovered I could paint. In the past painting on a canvas freaked me out ... all that white space was a wall that blocked creative activity. NOW that wall is screaming to be filled with graffiti! :)  This newest artistic journey has taken be through the world of mixed-media and has once again fired the artistic flame that had been lit as a young child. I used to tell people I was going to be an artist ... and while I don't feel I can place that label on myself ... I'm excited to see where this takes me!

Monday started week 2 of the How to Paint an Owl e-course and I LOVE it! So far the most amazing thing I've learned is that if your painting starts heading into a place you don't like, then just re-do it! Seems so simple, but I seriously used to get exhausted attempting perfection. Juliette Crane says if we can create something once, we CAN do it again.  SO true!

So here is what I have been working on :

My first background, I was channeling the 80's!

My second background, yes I like pink :)

My third background, I love the brown with pink.

The beginning stages of my first owl, on my first background
It will be fun to see this evolve.

Today also marks the SECOND day of  Make Art Every Day Month.
So make some art!


  1. Julie! I can soooo relate to what you say about being your true self or the self others want you to be. I have been through a similar process the last years!
    And OMG I LOVE your paintings. You're such a natural talent, yet the backgrounds only I would like have hanging on my wall, let alone when the cute owl appears on it :-)
    I'm a big fan of pink too, I have a pink wall in my house, best thing I ever did!

    So great to meet like-minded souls through AEDM! See you around!


  2. Your backgrounds are amazing...the owl, sweet...and full of whimsy.

  3. i just LOVE your little owl and its background! cannot wait to see more of your gorgeous artwork!

    xo, juliette

  4. I love your backgrounds!!! Maybe I should invest in some spray paints!


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