Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Getting the Junk Out (and some questions for you artists)

I've got to admit that I did NOT want to post this, but being apart of AEDM I wanted to show that I did create today despite having some strange muscle spasms holding my neck/shoulder hostage. Grrr. Seriously, 32 is a little young for having muscles/joints that can predict changes in the weather! LOL

Needless to say I had planned on excusing myself from creating anything. Then I got a burst of inspiration and so I decided to throw down a simple sketch using only a black pitt-pen (which I've been obsessed with using lately).  

I really don't love this at all, but I feel like I need to draw this JUNK to make room for the Good stuff :). I will say that I like parts of it; the hair and the mouth.  What it comes down to is the use of the pitt pen (leaving me with zero options for softening the eyes and making a more cohesive look) and the limbo between whimsical and real, that doesn't sit will with me.   
Her name is Penny.
Her smile is a little contagious isn't it?

 How do you let the creative process rest and not stay up all night drawing and painting until you have something that makes you feel content?  In other words how can I learn to be satisfied more with the process and less with the outcome? Is that possible?


  1. If you get a great answer to this then I will be fascinated to know what it is... I send things to the draw when they are driving me nuts and I had a deal with myself that if anything goes to the draw then it can't be looked at again to two weeks minimum... sometimes when I look at them agian they aren't so bad when I take my frustration goggles off, but other times they have to go back to their time out draw... good luck xx

  2. Hehe, I understand. I wasnt' happy with what I posted last night either. And with more time/energy, I would have kept playing, working with it til I was more satisfied, but since I didn't have those things, I had to let it go and remind myself that some days it is just about the process and that's ok. I think the more you do it, the more you can be ok with letting go sometimes! :-)

  3. Julie...thanks for visiting my blog. I really enjoyed looking around your blog, and I'm particularly fascinated by your Owl paintings. I went to Juliette's site and would like to do her Girl e-course in 2012.

    I just met my first IG in October...adorable.

    To answer the question in your post...I just keep reminding myself that it's the journey and process that's important. That does seem to help me return to the present and find the joy right there.


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