Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Owls: You're a Star

AEDM #8  ... back to my owls and making their personalities shine! I've already decided on the title "You're a Star"!  I kind of feel like this owl is a representation of me and all the work I've put fourth in really being true to my-self.
One of the things that is unique to me is my style. I feel most comfortable when dressed in the clothes I love. I gravitate towards fun t-shirts or floral cardigan sweaters, and my red and white polka-dotted keds or my black and white saddle shoes. I like fun socks and leg warmers and I love scarfs!! Its can be the middle of summer (in GA when I visit) and I'll be wearing a tank-top with a fun scarf around my neck!
My career as an ASL interpreter doesn't always allow me to wear the fun stuff I desire, but I manage the fun socks and crazy shoes ... my clients usually get a kick out of it! Oh and I always have a scarf (in black, grey or deep purple)  :)

I'll show you how this little star formed and how it has progressed:
The background

In the beginning with the basic concept

I don't feel like she's transformed that much
but maybe that's because this is how I
always knew she would look (not really though).
I think I might add a couple more touches with the gold
and I need to adjust her feet! he he

If you'd like to learn how to paint some awesome owls visit: Juliette Crane's blog or visit the online e-course "How to Paint an Owl"


  1. These are so pretty.
    I like the first one best; not sure why!
    I like it, I think, because the bird softens into the background. Anyway they are all beautiful!
    You have eminded me I need to knit some leg warmers:)
    Gwen xx

  2. i really love the way you've simplified and focused the painting with the evolution. to me, the owl so stands out and works with everything! i just love the embellishments!

    i used to have a pair of those b/w saddle shoes...ah, loved those :)

    xo, juliette

  3. Weeeeeee! WONDERFUL! I'm login your owls so much!!! Is there more???? Gotta go look! HuGGs!


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