Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bouquet of Book-markers

I have not been very creative the last few days. I have been experiencing severe muscle spasms in my neck and shoulder which is not only painful, but frustrating.
I really want to get my owls done, but when in the company of a muscle relaxer my brain is foggy and my reaction time is delayed.
My doctor suggested Massage Therapy which I've had good results with in the past. What I am most excited about however, is my acupuncture appointment on Monday... should be interesting!
Aside from doodling I made these book-markers... Gifts for my younger cousins (made a couple for myself too) along with a gift card from a book store.
At least I got something finished :)

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  1. The book markers are beautiful and so sorry about the muscle spasms... my daughter has a lot of issues with joints and muscles and she survives on a diet of acupuncture and massage and hydrotherapy to get through... hope the acupuncture gives you some relief xx


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