Sunday, November 20, 2011

Change is In the Air

This weekend was a whirlwind of emotions and events beginning on Friday afternoon. New beginnings are on the horizon and with that I was highly inspired and suddenly I began throwing paint down on canvas with no real direction .... then suddenly an Owl was there.

Its no secret that I am in Juliette Crane's e-course; How to Paint an Owl, so I have three owls already hooting to be finished ... so for yet another owl to transpire I was surprised. This went incredibly fast and the sky, ground and owl were finished in 2 hours. I was in the zone and things were just moving, I wasn't thinking, I was doing. Then I was exhausted, but pumped up at the same time... :)

Saturday morning I was at work and the first snow of the season started to fall ... I always LOVE the first snow. I was delighted to see that after listening to Christmas music on the way to work and I was enjoying a tasty cup of coffee, things were going well until my second call (VRS) of the day.  I was sent to a place I've never been  in my 7 years as an interpreter. The emotional journey was heart wrenching and I was shaking and warding off tears. Normally I can separate myself from the emotional aspect and go through the motions, but not this time.  You never know the things people have gone through by just looking at them.

I was able to recover enough to finish work, drive in the crazy weather and buy MORE art supplies! I then rushed home to make a birthday gift and then head out celebrate :)

Today, this owl needed to be finished, I knew what I wanted to do and Low and Behold the Newest owl has emerged and has been completed in just over 24 hours. While he may not be as complex on the outside he has many secrets about his life on the inside ... a True Owl ... mysterious.

I love Christmas so I made the head of the owl a Christmas
ornament! The part where the hook comes out is actually silver
and the whole white part is covered in glitter, which doesn't show-up
very well in the picture. 

I really like this and am SUPER happy with how it turned out ... I have 3 other owls that need to be finished this week and 2 commission pieces to finish before Christmas AND  I am hosting our  family Christmas on Dec 10th!! Oh and I need to make gifts for family/friends too!! Tis-the-Season!


  1. I love your owl too. Sounds like you have a lot coming up, but you sound up for it. Best wishes.

  2. This is beautiful Julie, I love it :)

  3. LOVE it! I love Christmas and snow and owls, so this one really resonates with me. Great job!

  4. very cute, love that his head is the ornament - fun lil' twist.

  5. Thank you for your lovely comments, I'm glad you all like it :)


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