Thursday, April 26, 2012

My 7 Year-Old-Self Has Taken Over

If you have been wondering where I have been, well rest assured it has been in the studio! I have been consumed by this wonderful online e-course called, "Paint Your Story" taught by the talented Mindy Lacefield aka Tim's Sally.

This course has been about connecting with your 
7 year old self, and just letting go. 

As a child your art of symbols and scribbles doesn't have to 
make sense and yet, you were able to create things
you (and probably others) enjoyed.
They were uniquely YOU.

Just letting go and doing what 'feels good' versus what 
'seems right' can be scary. 
I've been working on NOT painting like I am 7 for a while
and now I am embracing that pig-tailed girl.

As a child I was a perfectionist and so I joke and say I am connecting
with my "inner-inner child", the non-perfect 
girl I sometimes really wanted to be. 

You can imagine some pretty emotional stuff can rise to the surface 
when digging deep.
I seem to be resonating with my "creepy people" as I loving call them.
They have scars that are visible, but slowly healing.

Sometimes just a word can set the mood for a great work of art. 
Sometimes a word can take you far away or make you laugh.

A whole mess of words can give you a glimpse into the crevasses of the brain.

I used to think, "I need to take art classes if I am going to be any
good at this." 
Now I am seeing that learning about My-Self, is far more 
rewarding and artistically beneficial!

Well I had always remembered the "Good Fairy saying if he 
didn't stop scooping up field mice and boppin' em' on the head
she would bop HIM. 
Well, no matter the words, that still little song of my childhood
played a part in this. 
Some have suggested (upon seeing this drawing) he was just loved a lot. 
Or maybe he really is wearing the Scarlet Letter of mice boppin'!

Each day I create new Characters and unearth parts of my
7 year old self. 
There is still a couple of weeks left and so please stay tuned to see
what my final creations will be. 

Happy Creating. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

I Peek in My Sketch Book

I have a few sketch books and while I enjoy sketching now and then, I also enjoy just using loose paper.

Well I haven't picked up my 7x10 sketch book in a long while but thought I'd share a little character I created using elements from other characters I've made.

He is rather fun, and I love his uniqueness. I think I'll have to add him in a painting ... He looks to the sky with determination and I like that :)

Are you ever surprised by what you find in your books?

Monday, April 16, 2012

Rainy Day Fun

Sometimes it's just fun to play... I guess you could say I was inspired by yesterday's rain.

I gave her umbrella a 3D look
by bending the paper and adhering only the edges.

I'm not sure why they make such small canvas'
This is how she looked when I left her last night.

I can certainly tell you that the process isn't quicker or 
easier ... 
Not sure if the storm is better or worse, but it is, what it is.
I love her "open" umbrella :)

Just a little Rainy Day Fun

Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Bird Family Painting

Sometimes and idea pops into my brain and due to its silliness, I dismiss it as not being worthy. Which is what initially happened when I got this Bird Family concept in my head.
I didn't know if such a thing would be well received or not, and when one of my friends named her youngest daughter, Violetta, I just had to go with it.

Around Christmas time, my friend had asked me a few times about doing a commissioned piece and while I wanted to; mismatched schedules got the both of us and it never happened. :(  I however wanted to paint this piece and give it as a gift because it was a quirky idea and well I just really wanted to, plain and simple.  

Liquitex spray paints graced the background

Initially, I like the simplicity of the birds.
But as with many projects I start, simplicity 
just isn't in my nature. 
Many artists will agree that knowing when to 
"stop" is a gut instinct.

This piece has many wonderful layers, including paper
for the wings. 

I love the vibrancy of the colors and that the love they
share as a family is shown.

Under each of the (baby) birds is each child's name and birth-date.
Under the parents is their name and wedding date.
I'm very pleased to say that it was VERY well received!! 
I love when my work elicits smiles and joy, nothing can beat that!

I would love to sell these custom "bird families", or any animal 
of your choice! If you are interested or if you know someone 
who is interested then send them my way :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Art Swap

I wanted to show you who has been keeping me company in my studio. 
This is Isabella, isn't she divine?! She brightens my spirits
and keeps the boogie-man away when I'm up late at night. 
She comes from the land down under, yes she traveled all the way from 
Lisa, makes these little beauties and sews many more
wonderful things as well! 
I remember finding her blog and seeing these darling Elephants. 
I have had nearly every kind of stuffed animal out there, but
never an elephant. 
I emailed Lisa, and asked her how much she charges for one of these
beauties and you know what? She said she would "just send me one"! 
Well I couldn't let her do that, so we decided since she liked 
my art that we'd do a mini art swap.

In return I pained this little gem of a girl, whom I'd become quite
smitten with. I was excited to send her on such a long journey and 
and my only regret is that I didn't get to travel with her!
But a little piece of my heart is living in Australia with my new friend. 
Please head over to Lisa's Blog at:

I titled this "Hello Friend" and the words on the front say: You Make Me Smile.

I hope you find inspiration in what you see and tell someone you love what they do :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

WIP... The Three Charities

This is something I started a few days ago and it has taken a LOT of work so far.

This is the finished background

Then I started to outline the images I saw ... three faces

Then began the shading ...LOTS  of layers and LOTS of patience!
I cannot seem to get a "mop" of curls to look right... seems I
Need to look at some hair pics. 
Still very much a work in progress.

Stay tuned....

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Progression: First Realism/Ear Shot

So much of what I paint has little to do with my conscious mind. Truly. 
I often wish I could say I had set out specific intentions to do something
when really it's a journey I need to take and I am led there, by a power greater than I.

As normal, I started out to paint a background that would hold one of my whimsy characters.
I was using my new  Liquitex spray paints, and while I should have been 
greatly inspired by all the wonderful colors. I seemed to be traveling no-where fast. 
I was in a bummer of a mood playing with color again and again.
So then I changed my painting around, seeing if anything was hidden among the 
background... and there it was the image of a FACE.
I quickly outlined it.

This however wasn't a whimsy face, this was a REAL face. 
I freaked, I don't paint realism. I don't even know HOW to paint
But remember I didn't decide this, so I went to one of my art groups on facebook 
and spouted my fears. 
I was astonished by the numerous comments of just pushing forward and going
for it. 
I needed to find a face with a matching angle, something to look at.
After scouring the internet and coming up empty. I took a shot of myself.
And yes, I really took the picture myself!

I knew it wasn't going to be easy, but today I took on the challenge. 
I came home from work, had a snack and with hunger off my mind; I set fourth. 
Now the color isn't exact, but all I had to look at was the iPhone photo I took of myself. 

With nothing more than courage, faith a few hours (and some intuition). 
I had created a respectable likeness.

I am honestly proud of how this turned out. 

Believe-you-me, I wanted to paint hair OVER the ear a million times.
But I knew I could do it ... and I gotta say, I'm anxious to do some more realism!

I never thought in 9 months of painting I'd be where I am right now. I am so thankful
to have connected with my artist self again. 
I am also blessed to have such great support, from the artists I've met and my friends/family in general :)

Another thing I like about this is is that in the real picture, I am smiling, rather obnoxiously.
The bit of color from the background right where my mouth is vibrant
as if I am laughing about something wonderful.