Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Collections that Inspire the Whole Year Through

I don't collect too many things, well I guess that could be up for debate ... but for the sake of this post we'll say my collections are limited :)

Ever since I was in Kindergarten I have been in love with Nut Crackers. I saw "The Nut Cracker suite" in music class and I was hooked. I wanted to be Clara and ward off the Rat King with my slipper and listen to amazing music with a Prince by my side ... but ultimately it was the crazy uncle and the gift of a Nut Cracker that intrigued me.
Taken in 2009, and yes I also collect Victorian Santa's 
some of them are in the mix too. :) 

What a FUN present, something out of the ordinary and completely sweet. What girl wouldn't want a soldier to protect her?

It really wasn't until I was in High School that the collection started. Mostly I got them as gifts, I can only think of 1 that I have purchased and that was just a couple of years ago. 

They really come in all sorts and I have more then I can count! But the more Unique the better :)

He doth make me smile  :)

The real infatuation is hard to pin-point. Perhaps its because of my German heritage. My maiden name is Schraufnagel, and our ancestry is dated back pretty far ... Nepomuck Schraufnagel was the first of my ancestors to come to the United States with his wife (most of us Schraufnagel's are in WI/MN and yes we are ALL related). I wonder if Nepomuck would approve of such a collection?

A couple of these Gentlemen stay out all year and from them I gain a lot of  Inspiration! They always make me smile and I find myself humming music from the ballet all year round ... (did I mention that I collect different renditions of the Nut Cracker music too??  No? Well let's keep that a secret.)

My favorite Nut Cracker ... the ONE I have 
purchased  and I think the only authentic GERMAN made Nut Cracker.

Others make there appearance once a year during the entire month of December. They are loved just as much, but seem most content during the Christmas season. :) 

Some might say these Nut Crackers represent the things I like most in life, writing like Shakespeare or painting like Pierre.

Ultimately I think they carry that feel of whimsy and childhood wonder. When I look at these characters they take me back in time when houses were filled with family and traditions were held onto tightly.

If looking at this picture is puzzling after looking at the 
first picture, be not confused. This was taken today
the other picture was taken in 2009 before the wall color changed :)

My Christmas is different every year, and honestly that un-certainty is least welcome during the holiday season. My husband and I are both only children with parents who are not prominent in our lives. My extended family is heavily  relied on, but until we have children we kind of wander about trying to find where we belong.  Its not to say we aren't blessed and thankful, but our traditions are not set ... children and a piano are in my future. Why?  I've always wanted to sing Christmas Carols on Christmas with my family!  :)  

Ornament from my childhood

I guess you could say one tradition is decorating our house to the max with amazing memorabilia! The ornament above is something I remember from my very early childhood. I always remembered this hanging on my grandparents Christmas tree when I lived with them ... it was and still is my favorite ornament! When you pull the string his arms and legs fly out! When I was 17 my grandparents gave this to me and so I hang it on my tree now :)
Purchased this last year for about 4.00 , oh how I love this little gem 
my whimsical Christmas fairy!

I hope inspiration is buzzing about you this holiday season!! HUGS!! 

What collections do you have?

What gives you inspiration during the holiday season (the rest of the year?) and what traditions do you love?

What traditions do you want to have?

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