Thursday, November 3, 2011

Painting Owls is a hoot!

AEDM (Art Every Day Month) day 3!! And in honor of that 3 pics of a mini evolution of an Owl ... I Do love me some owl art and making my own is pretty fantastic thanks to the e-course "How to Paint an Owl" by Juliette Crane!   I really love this guy and while he is void of sight at the moment he is full of snarky, sparky, Owl-a-tude!  Can you see it?  He is rather cheeky and full of himself and I like that!!

I took this pic, thinking I was done for the day
then I saw that bare spot, above the beak on the left.
Yep, its annoying to you now too! I had to fix it.

As you can see I didn't stop at filling in the bare spot
Again thinking I was done for the night I noticed I left
him with nubbin feet ... well how can I sleep knowing
I left this owl with nubbins?

If you are going to add cute feet, better refine the beak 
too! I have a feeling more brown will be making its way into 
this owls feathers ...

Of course this is no where finished, but it has the making of a spunky fellow ... Its funny, but I new his soul without eyes and now I gotta figure out how to give him the eyes he deserves (eyes challenge me).  On my first owl (still a work in progress I had the eyes before I got to know who she was/is (we're still getting acquainted).  Sometimes when I work on something I need there to be eyes for me to move on, then I need to sit with it, look at it, think about it and even talk to it... yes I've been talking to my other little star owl, asking her what she likes, what she wants then I can add to her and give her the physical attributes she should have.
I never would have thought that these owls would have such personalities, never knew I could paint "personality" :)    Yes, painting these owls is a HOOT!


  1. I can't wait to see how this turns out... a great days work and looks as though you are getting a huge amount out of the class xx

  2. so lovely to see! happy creating!

    xo, juliette

  3. The owl is looking good! I love the color combination, too. That course sounds interesting.

  4. There is another one! This one is sooooo sweet~ Lovely and so girly~ Keep it up. I'll be back often to check up on your progress! HuGGs!


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