Thursday, April 26, 2012

My 7 Year-Old-Self Has Taken Over

If you have been wondering where I have been, well rest assured it has been in the studio! I have been consumed by this wonderful online e-course called, "Paint Your Story" taught by the talented Mindy Lacefield aka Tim's Sally.

This course has been about connecting with your 
7 year old self, and just letting go. 

As a child your art of symbols and scribbles doesn't have to 
make sense and yet, you were able to create things
you (and probably others) enjoyed.
They were uniquely YOU.

Just letting go and doing what 'feels good' versus what 
'seems right' can be scary. 
I've been working on NOT painting like I am 7 for a while
and now I am embracing that pig-tailed girl.

As a child I was a perfectionist and so I joke and say I am connecting
with my "inner-inner child", the non-perfect 
girl I sometimes really wanted to be. 

You can imagine some pretty emotional stuff can rise to the surface 
when digging deep.
I seem to be resonating with my "creepy people" as I loving call them.
They have scars that are visible, but slowly healing.

Sometimes just a word can set the mood for a great work of art. 
Sometimes a word can take you far away or make you laugh.

A whole mess of words can give you a glimpse into the crevasses of the brain.

I used to think, "I need to take art classes if I am going to be any
good at this." 
Now I am seeing that learning about My-Self, is far more 
rewarding and artistically beneficial!

Well I had always remembered the "Good Fairy saying if he 
didn't stop scooping up field mice and boppin' em' on the head
she would bop HIM. 
Well, no matter the words, that still little song of my childhood
played a part in this. 
Some have suggested (upon seeing this drawing) he was just loved a lot. 
Or maybe he really is wearing the Scarlet Letter of mice boppin'!

Each day I create new Characters and unearth parts of my
7 year old self. 
There is still a couple of weeks left and so please stay tuned to see
what my final creations will be. 

Happy Creating. 


  1. All these images are wonderful. I love this course and can totally relate to what you are feeling.

  2. This post made me smile. I have to say - I've spent a looooong time regretting not going to art college. but am totally loving finding MY style all by myself.

    Love your creepy people.

  3. Another friend of mine is taking this same e-course and am loving seeing all the artwork you all are making. Looks like I will be putting this e-course on my short list of classes to take in the future.
    My 7 year old can definitely relate to your 7 year old!

  4. so fun to see everything you're creating! each face has such personality!


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