Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Art Swap

I wanted to show you who has been keeping me company in my studio. 
This is Isabella, isn't she divine?! She brightens my spirits
and keeps the boogie-man away when I'm up late at night. 
She comes from the land down under, yes she traveled all the way from 
Lisa, makes these little beauties and sews many more
wonderful things as well! 
I remember finding her blog and seeing these darling Elephants. 
I have had nearly every kind of stuffed animal out there, but
never an elephant. 
I emailed Lisa, and asked her how much she charges for one of these
beauties and you know what? She said she would "just send me one"! 
Well I couldn't let her do that, so we decided since she liked 
my art that we'd do a mini art swap.

In return I pained this little gem of a girl, whom I'd become quite
smitten with. I was excited to send her on such a long journey and 
and my only regret is that I didn't get to travel with her!
But a little piece of my heart is living in Australia with my new friend. 
Please head over to Lisa's Blog at:

I titled this "Hello Friend" and the words on the front say: You Make Me Smile.

I hope you find inspiration in what you see and tell someone you love what they do :)


  1. Ooh fun art swap! Such a cute little elephant! Hummm you have great style I bet you could trade all over the place!

  2. FANTASTICAL was our little swap so much FUN! I LoVe LoVe My Art she sits on my sewing desk i see her every morning :D

  3. What a lovely story. I've found our little (I say little but it's WORLDWIDE!) community to be just amazing, made the best friends and you know what? Actually a bit of a lifesaver at times. I love reading stories like this swap :)

    Both your painting and Lisa's elephant are gorgeous :)


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