Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tulips and Roller Skates: my inner child out to play

As you may know I have for the last year been on quite an art journey. While I have always been creative and highly involved in the arts, I have never felt more real or true to myself as when I have a paint brush in hand.

The past few weeks I have been taking an online course, "Paint Your Story" , taught by the fabulous, Mindy of Tim's Sally.  We are learning about painting from our inner seven year-old selves and reconnecting to the simpler things we enjoyed (or still enjoy) in life.

This is all about loosing up and not being perfect. I tend to paint from my subconscious and really don't have an outward goal in mind when I start. But all at once this begin to emerge.

I did this much in one sitting while watching a movie and let me tell you ... it was a cathartic process, that included lots of crying. The good healing kind of tears, the ones that act as crystals shining on what is ahead while fully closing the door behind you.

I find myself really attached to her and even dreamt I was chasing her the very night I painted her.

My childhood wasn't full of Chutes and Ladders, Lolli-pops and puppy kisses, but lets just say rough around the edges. Too often the bad times emerge to the surface and I deal and walk away. But when you allow those bad times to sit a while, its who comes out of the muck that is amazing. My 7 year old self ... my red tulip loving, rollerskating everyday self!

I had purple Popple, roller skates that I wore as though they were my feet. I put more miles in 
our basement/driveway/roller rink than humanly possible. I loved them. 
I also really enjoyed the red tulips outside our (mine and my mom's) bedroom window would bloom
every year.
They were so fun looking and were quite amazing to me. 
I lived on my grandparents Christmas tree farm until I was 10 and to have the vibrant red against all the 
green was wonderful. 

The "tulip's" were just magically there before this little girl was. I guess that is how it works
when it is meant to be:)

I think more will get added and something things will change a bit, but I really love this character and you know what, she is going to be A-OK :)

I am beginning to rethink the large round mickey-mouse bun to the right of her head, what do you think?

What is your 7 years old self teaching you today?


  1. Hi Julie, she's her to bits... I agree, the bun either needs one on the other side or to the moment the bun looks like it's part of a tree... Your roller skating girl looks like she can take on the world... I lived in my roller skates when I was young...I had the ones that you strapped to your shoes..they were red...loved them...went everywhere with them...just rolling along, happy as can be... :) hugs to you

    1. I think it looks like part of a tree too LOL ... Yes, I'm going to change it :)

  2. This sounds a really interesting course you are doing. Love how much of you seems to be painted into this :)The colours are just lovely.

  3. Loved your post and I love your painting. Set it aside for a day or two and look at it with fresh eyes. You will find what it needs. I forgot that I used to rollerskate as a child all the time too. We had metal ones that fit over our sneakers. I skated in the garage on rainy days and in the driveway when the sun was out. Thanks for telling your memories because it brought back some of my happy childhood days.

  4. Wonderful post and I love the painting! From your fellow Minnesotan, Lori. :)


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