Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Progression: First Realism/Ear Shot

So much of what I paint has little to do with my conscious mind. Truly. 
I often wish I could say I had set out specific intentions to do something
when really it's a journey I need to take and I am led there, by a power greater than I.

As normal, I started out to paint a background that would hold one of my whimsy characters.
I was using my new  Liquitex spray paints, and while I should have been 
greatly inspired by all the wonderful colors. I seemed to be traveling no-where fast. 
I was in a bummer of a mood playing with color again and again.
So then I changed my painting around, seeing if anything was hidden among the 
background... and there it was the image of a FACE.
I quickly outlined it.

This however wasn't a whimsy face, this was a REAL face. 
I freaked, I don't paint realism. I don't even know HOW to paint
But remember I didn't decide this, so I went to one of my art groups on facebook 
and spouted my fears. 
I was astonished by the numerous comments of just pushing forward and going
for it. 
I needed to find a face with a matching angle, something to look at.
After scouring the internet and coming up empty. I took a shot of myself.
And yes, I really took the picture myself!

I knew it wasn't going to be easy, but today I took on the challenge. 
I came home from work, had a snack and with hunger off my mind; I set fourth. 
Now the color isn't exact, but all I had to look at was the iPhone photo I took of myself. 

With nothing more than courage, faith a few hours (and some intuition). 
I had created a respectable likeness.

I am honestly proud of how this turned out. 

Believe-you-me, I wanted to paint hair OVER the ear a million times.
But I knew I could do it ... and I gotta say, I'm anxious to do some more realism!

I never thought in 9 months of painting I'd be where I am right now. I am so thankful
to have connected with my artist self again. 
I am also blessed to have such great support, from the artists I've met and my friends/family in general :)

Another thing I like about this is is that in the real picture, I am smiling, rather obnoxiously.
The bit of color from the background right where my mouth is vibrant
as if I am laughing about something wonderful.

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