Monday, April 23, 2012

I Peek in My Sketch Book

I have a few sketch books and while I enjoy sketching now and then, I also enjoy just using loose paper.

Well I haven't picked up my 7x10 sketch book in a long while but thought I'd share a little character I created using elements from other characters I've made.

He is rather fun, and I love his uniqueness. I think I'll have to add him in a painting ... He looks to the sky with determination and I like that :)

Are you ever surprised by what you find in your books?


  1. Julie,

    This is so beautiful! I love it! <3 Please add him to your paintings. He is inspirational and cute too! <3

    Elizabeth Aviles

  2. Hi Julie,
    He's gorgeous...he looks like he could take on the world... I'm quite often surprised by what I find... nice surprises though.. :)

  3. I think he is quite perfect! I found an old sketchbook the other day and was very much surprised by what was in it!


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