Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Bird Family Painting

Sometimes and idea pops into my brain and due to its silliness, I dismiss it as not being worthy. Which is what initially happened when I got this Bird Family concept in my head.
I didn't know if such a thing would be well received or not, and when one of my friends named her youngest daughter, Violetta, I just had to go with it.

Around Christmas time, my friend had asked me a few times about doing a commissioned piece and while I wanted to; mismatched schedules got the both of us and it never happened. :(  I however wanted to paint this piece and give it as a gift because it was a quirky idea and well I just really wanted to, plain and simple.  

Liquitex spray paints graced the background

Initially, I like the simplicity of the birds.
But as with many projects I start, simplicity 
just isn't in my nature. 
Many artists will agree that knowing when to 
"stop" is a gut instinct.

This piece has many wonderful layers, including paper
for the wings. 

I love the vibrancy of the colors and that the love they
share as a family is shown.

Under each of the (baby) birds is each child's name and birth-date.
Under the parents is their name and wedding date.
I'm very pleased to say that it was VERY well received!! 
I love when my work elicits smiles and joy, nothing can beat that!

I would love to sell these custom "bird families", or any animal 
of your choice! If you are interested or if you know someone 
who is interested then send them my way :)


  1. Julie, this is all the texture you've got going on... really gorgeous.. :)

  2. You know what, anyone reading this, I REALLY recommend clicking on the picture and enlarging it. Just beautiful - the colours just sing. I'm not surprised it was so well received. And YES you should sell them! HAve you set up an Etsy shop or a Facebook page? I've noticed a lot af artists and crafters are now plugging away on Facebook and it WORKS - that's where I found the amigurami bats :) Let me know if you do and I'll like you, add you to my growing list of people I like to follow :) Of course I say all this having not done it myself and followed my own advice of course :P

    1. I wonder if I should have an actual facebook "fan" page versus just the standard ...

  3. Ignore me - just spotted your Facebook page and friend requested you. Ignore the friend request from Devon Louise - didn't realise my daughter had left herself signed in! Doh!

  4. Gorgeous!I love your birds :) Fab idea!


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