Sunday, March 25, 2012

Giveaway winner...

I nearly forgot to announce the winner of my giveaway!  ... Catherine Constance!  She already knows and I will be working on it this week and send it off.  Congrats!

This past week has put me through the ringer, just a conglomeration of  "stuff", nothing bad, but far too much laziness. I think I know what it must be like to be a sloth. I'm hoping channel my inner Kangaroo this week and "HOP" into my studio with a new vision and embrace my paints again. How I've missed them :)

I think I am going to start tonight actually ... put in one of my favorite movies in my laptop and "Play".

Here's to a good creative week .... oh and if you are wondering how the winner was chosen, each person was assigned a number and each number was placed into the cup of my hands and my hubby (eyes closed) chose it. Yeah, real scientific! lol  I"m glad I picked up a FEW customs forms from the Post Office on Friday :)

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  1. Thank you Julie, hope the inner kangaroo is hopping into action... :)


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