Monday, February 13, 2012

My first Abstract

Today I cleaned up my studio and having such a clean and CLEAR space I decided to try an abstract painting. I had something I was going for but it just wasn't working out, so I just followed my instinct and once the long piece was finished I decided to add the 3 squares to compliment it ... I'm love asymmetrical placements versus symmetrical, so having 3 larger paintings wouldn't have worked for me. 

I certainly to appreciate this style of art as it doesn't resonate with me like the whimsical style does. When I was younger I was a "realist" I guess you could say; I wouldn't mind trying that again, but I love the whimsical side of things. 

It is currently nameless ... yet maybe that should be the name ... "Nameless" :)

I cannot decide if I should hang it in the dining room, or living room. I suppose I better get the hubbies opinion too. 

Its nice to get out of the normal routine of a painting style
and stretch a little bit. 

I hope you find time to stretch and flex those creative muscles!


  1. Hi Julie, love the bold colours..really love your whimsey girls... they are great fun... I've left you a message on How to Paint a Girl, re using book pages... :)

  2. Ooh its super earthy, I like it with the pop of pink (or is it red you never know with computer screens.



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