Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hawaiian Girl WIP

I am taking Juliette Crane's "How to Paint a Girl"  e-course and am definitely taking RISKS!! I love that I'm feeling so experimental ... its so freeing!  I feel like I have crossed over a hurdle and am roaming a vast field of wild flowers. Each of those flowers is an idea, or a color or a picture of inspiration just waiting to be explored.

Wow that was really sappy, but none the less its TRUE!!

When I created this background it had such a strong 
tropical feel and while I resisted it at first, I gave in.
Nearly 8 years ago my husband and I flew to Hawaii
on our Honeymoon and spent 2 wonderful weeks 
among the most vibrant of colors. 
Hawaii was created in HD, before HD was invented!!
Rather then blend the colors of her face
I left them "blocked" so it would
have a tribal feel to it. 
Remembering my "coppertone" sunscreen I added copper 
to her skin color for an unexpected look. 
She kind of goes along with the Child of Earth series I started
I left the ends of her hands open so as to blend with her
surroundings ... 
 Her dance is a distant memory of a 
private lagoon that has been taken over by man ...

Looking at what I was creating just a few months ago when I first started I am in awe of myself and feel very blessed to be where I am and and see where I am going!

I am especially appreciative of  Juliette Crane who teaches these amazing classes and has been a support for me :)

What's been running through your mind?
What artistic risks have you taken?


  1. I like where this is going, you put so much thought in your paintings, I would have never thought of leaving the face colors in blocks like that (then again I can't paint) to represent the tribal feel but you are so right!

  2. It sounds like you and this course are working well together. I am liking your free feeling in this one!


  3. thank you, julie! i am constantly amazed at seeing your new artwork and so happy to hear you're taking risks...and following your intuition too :)

    xo, juliette

  4. I just LOVE this girl shes seems to grab my attention.i love the texture and the background is AMAZING.she has a sort of carmness feel about her.

  5. Your comments make me blush! I'm so thrilled and grateful for your kind words!


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