Thursday, February 9, 2012

Good-night Blondie WIP

I've been in my studio every day this week ... another Work In Progress, where she goes ... only she knows.

I learned an important lesson today, let each piece be their own.  I must have changed this girls features a million times to try to get her to look similar to another one I did, that was a mistake. I'm sure she is a blond, but the hair needs some work, I don't know the reason for all the random color on her face, but I just wanted it there. I'm into this lately and I love how color evokes emotion.

I feel like her mouth is too small, but when I make it bigger, it doesn't look right. 
Perhaps this is correct. 

She isn't speaking to me anymore tonight, apparently she is aware of my bed time. 

 I am calling her "Good-night Blondie"

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  1. She's beautiful. Good on you for listening to her speak to you and creating her in her own unique way.


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