Thursday, December 1, 2011

You're a Star ... Let your true self shine, FINISHED!

I realized I didn't share this finished painting and this Owl deserves some blog time! It's amazing to me to think that before June of this year, painting wasn't a blip on my radar ... now its all I think about.  I think I dream in "Golden Paint" seriously, my life has changed!

This owl was the first I created out of the 4 I did during Juliette Crane's"How to Paint an Owl" , e-course. I like how colorful it is and yet how it all works. 

In case you forgot the popular colors of the 1980's :)

This is about following your dreams and letting the TRUE you shine through.  So often we listen to our gremlin (inner critic)  and that can keep us small, limited and scared. This represents that life can be much more rich and fulfilling by honoring your-self, following your goals and taking risks!  Everyone has their own story to write ... is your star shining? If not its time to turn on the light!!

I just wasn't feeling that blue bird any more, so he got covered

Remember to take time to evaluate your situation, whats working? What isn't? Keep what you like and adjust what may be holding you back. 

Those E.T. feet weren't working, and I needed a tree. I loved
the colors above the head and wanted to keep those.
I really struggled with the head of this owl , but ultimately I like
how it turned out.  For the belly illumination I created my own 
stencil ... I was so thrilled that it worked out :)

If you like what I've created and want to learn how you can tap into YOUR creative-self, then head to Juliette's blog and take one of her workshops. While you're there admire her Fabulous art ... she is truly inspiring :)



  1. Does this class teach you how to make those gorgeous backgrounds?

  2. oooo....I love it! I love the colors and the rays of light coming from the owl! How did you make your own stencil? Just cut the shape you wanted into a sturdy piece of paper? I've been wanting to make my own stencils, as the ones in the art & craft stores are so expensive.

  3. Yep, I just used card stock! ;)
    Another good way to get stencils you like is to use clip-art. I went into my Word program, and went into clip art and just started typing in things I wanted.
    Then I printed them out, used an exact-0 knife and then you have stencils :)


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