Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas, Luigi and Tulip Style

You may or may not know that we share our home with 2 Italian Greyhounds ... Luigi 6 and Tulip5.  When they were younger and much more carefree we would dress them up for the holidays and take a yearly picture ... seeing as how they have learned to do the curmudgeon look we'll live in the memories of cuteness and Christmas magic :)

The scarf around Luigi's neck is actually mine
but somehow it seemed appropriate for 
him to wear.

People often wonder how I can possibly get
my beloved dogs to be still enough to 
take pictures ...

for the most part, they just let me do what
I want as long as treats are in sight and I'm quick.

Getting them to look like they care is a whole
other story. 

I knew once they had mastered the "Drunk look" my 
my perfect Christmas pictures were numbered. 
Tulip just sat there as the antlers
slid off of her head, both of them
dog-a-tonic, unwilling to move.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas
(scarf look familiar?)

and a Happy New Year!

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  1. These pictures are adorable. Both you and Luigi wear the scarf well. Merry Christmas.


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