Thursday, December 29, 2011

Child of Earth

After finding myself in a slump and no inspiration in sight I was able to create a little angel. I didn't see her as a "happy" angel and that was creating a conflict in me. Yet, I didn't want to change it.
I let it sit with me over night and this morning I was on edge about it ... got ready for the day and was going to head to Target before work but decided to look at this little character.  She seemed to be troubled and she seemed accepting of that trouble  (yes, she said ALL of that to me).
I thought I'd add a little paint here and there with my finger because I was after all heading to the store!
Well suddenly things started flowing ... my eyes were drawn to a vintage piece of sheet music that I hadn't put away with the other pages and the words just JUMPED OUT!!


Child of earth?? What does that mean?? I wasn't sure, and somewhat un-committed I added the words "of Earth" to the dress .... and then after some more paint the shapes appeared. I realized I definitely wanted the word "Child" in there as well.

In 25 min I had a vision and a poem to go with the painting and a plan to create a series of "Child of Earth" paintings each with a poem attached!!

This is still NOT finished, but I love where it is headed!

As of  last night ...

As of this afternoon

Its still not completed yet, I need to finish the background and do something more with the wings ... I added a smirk, but I think I might get rid of it. Her arms melt into the grass  ... I like the direction this is taking.

The poem that will go around the edge: A Child of Earth has wings tho she cannot fly, for they bear the weight of the world and all the tears that you cry.

I have images of her with animal type wings ... arms of birch trees and hair of moss ... on and on ...
A poem to go with each one!

Needless to say I did not make it to Target before work. I instead headed to Barnes and Noble after work and saw/bought this magnet :

Had I never decided to paint before work I would have gone to Target (I need a hair magazine) and completely missed this at the Barnes and Noble check out!  I think this is a sign I'm on the right track ...



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