Sunday, December 25, 2011

Simple Gifts

Its Christmas day and for the first time in the nearly 13 years that Chad and I have been together (7.5years married, 5dated/engaged), this is the first time we have not exchanged gifts. It was something we really decided on, but neither of us could really find things we really wanted nor did we have the time to actually shop for each other.

On Christmas Eve I was a little bummed about the whole idea of not having things to open on Christmas morning ... but as the night rolled on I was fine.  Exchanging gifts is fun, but not at all the point of Christmas ... we have blessings beyond the wrapping paper.  For one we have each other and a nice house, good jobs/careers, 2 working cars, to fun-loving dogs, friends, family and a kitchen that we recently stocked with food. Our bank accounts are by no means bursting at the seams, but our hearts are.

I worked this morning ... it was a choice I made, as I bid for my hours and I chose to be available to those who needed interpreting services to call home to their loved ones.  Sure it was hard waking up at 3:40am to get ready and be to work at 5am, but I was calm and at peace about it.

I was able to bring a small pad of water-color paper, water-color pencils, and a water pen ... over the course of 6 hours during my breaks I created this:

Its not a complex drawing, nor a fantastic work ... the title just seemed to fit. 
I hope you are finding joy in the "Simple Gifts" today and always. 

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