Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kitchen Renovations, OH MY!

I wasn't able to post for a couple of days as I wasn't feeling well . Then we hosted TWO Christmas parties, one with family and one with friends... on the SAME DAY!! Never again will we do that oh and we decided that it would be a good idea to remove the wall paper we hated in the kitchen and paint it ... the week before!
 Technically it was supposed to be done long before that, but I have a husband whose middle name is "procrastination". 

As with all things predicting exactly how something is going to go is nearly impossible and thus, things will go wrong.

Here is the Kitchen before things got started ...

To some this may not be that bad of a kitchen

 But keep in mind I'm only 32, my hubby is 39 
this is NOT our style! 

Once the wall paper had come down

We thought yellow would be a good color

However "Lemon Drop" was a really bad choice
I hated it. 
It didn't seem to coordinate with the  brown living room 
and dark purple dining room. 

So it had to go ... the day before a house full of people arrives we need to clean the house, prepare food and paint the kitchen ... again!

Okay ... let me be honest, with all that was going on. "I" did not do a single thing with the kitchen. I had bathrooms, bedrooms, a kitchen, and a basement to clean and 2 tables to decorate ... OH and our tree which took me the better part of 3 hours to do!

Thinking about the colors in the rest of the house and our ultimate goal and desired feel of the kitchen (eventually the cabinets will be refinished/hard ware added, counter tops replaced, back splash replaced, and tile added to replace the linoleum) a teal type color was chosen.

As you can see the color almost morphs depending 
on what is near it. 
The above picture looks more green, maybe playing
off of the dark green place-mats??
The picture below looks a lot more blue
same wall, same camera setting just facing more to 
the right??
The real color is something in-between the two. 
Maybe this is what happens when the Olympus 
is used instead of the Nikon ... well you get 
the idea :)

Here is one last shot looking toward the Dining room

I really do like this color but it is such a big change... I've looked at that awful wall paper for nearly NINE years, yet it only took one family event to make it all happen.

Here is our tree lit and decorated
I took this pic with my iPhone and used a "vintage" filter

Here's to a less-stressful (rest of the) holiday season !

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  1. Yeah I know what you mean our kitchen still looks like the before picture of yous...


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