Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm going to paint owls!!

    If your anything like me you are probably in love with owls, I just cannot seem to get enough of them! This little obsession started a few years ago with some fabric, then a shirt, an iron on ... then a key chain and recently a little owl creation of my own (see previous post).  Owls seem to be around every corner and each one makes me *squeal* with joy or *awww* in adoration. I find them mysterious, varied and cute! 

   So you can understand my excitement when I came across the blog of artist Juliette Crane. She has such talent and you know what? She, is pretty darn skilled when it comes to creating (you guessed it) OWLS!  I have spent much time perusing her posts and admiring her art (not just owls, but all of it) and gaining a lot of inspiration!

  She, too is a mid-westerner and the first part of her name is JULIE, which is a pretty fantastic name ... if I do say so myself :)   As if all this wasn't exciting enough, she happens to teach an e-course called,  "How to Paint an Owl" and yesterday I signed up for the Fall class!!  I've received my "Welcome Info" and I could not be more thrilled to take this fun, skill building, artist refining, owl creating class! I'm radiating happiness!

  So if you're in love with owls (or art in general) and want to try your hand at some mixed media, then I suggest you register for the class that starts at the end of October. I mean it, there are limited spots and when I start posting all the pictures of the awesome owls I'm creating you don't want to be sulking in front of your computer screen because you didn't act quick enough. :)

  Did I mention I'm radiating Happiness??!!


  1. Hi, ive seen Juliette's work, I think I found her on Willowing and I see you are a member there to, like me. I look at a lot or art blogs and gain inspiration all the time xx

  2. thank you so much, julie! i'm so excited to get painting together...and see the gorgeous owls you create :)

    best wishes to you!

  3. LOL - you are pleased then? You hide it well! :D

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my Rocking Friday post, you should join us each week - it's a really fun process looking back. When you've not had such a good week it also helps to search out the little gems ;)


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