Monday, September 26, 2011

Summer Days Melting into Fall Nights

This mixed media painting went through quite a transformation from start to finish and over the course of several days. Today was the first day when it all clicked and I had a real goal. I challenged myself a lot during this painting and while I broke some of my initial rules (I didn't want to create a full scenery, ie tree, sky clouds etc), I was just drawn toward this. 
I truly love mixed media, I enjoy the 3D appearance and the texture it gives. Most of the time touching art is a big no-no, but in this case it is acceptable. 

I do like the concept I was able to create ... summer is slipping away while fall has already started to settle in. Widget (the owl) is enjoying the last bit of summer fun flying his kite before the bitter cold sets in. The trees are already starting to change color and the days are getting shorter.  

The biggest struggle I have with this is how it looks like an 8 year old painted it. How can I get beyond this mindset and how can I improve? 

I enjoy feedback, let me know what you think and if you have suggestions please let me know! Smiles


  1. Ooh I love it!! But I totally understand your struggle with feeling like your art is "not good enough" or "too child-like." I often feel the same way. But then . . . I know that what I make is probably best categorized as folk art, which is obviously different from super realistic art, so I'm not sure why I judge my own stuff so much. Especially when I love love love so many other folk artists' work. Do you think of your stuff as folk art? Anyway, I think your owl is super cute!

  2. so lovely to see!

    thanks for mentioning andrew bird will be in mpls in december! i might just need to make the drive up...or get to his following show in hawaii :)

    best wishes!

  3. Beth, thank you for the comments! I am not sure what I label my art as, I think I am too new to canvas work (just since june)to limit myself and I'm guessing it will evolve a few times as I grow and learn new techniques :)

    Juliette, Hawaii ... that would be a great concert site! I'm lucky enough to say I've been there and hope to return some day :)


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