Sunday, March 4, 2012

Road Trips and Inspiration (part 2)

Some weeks its just a challenge to get one post written, then there are weeks where I could easily post every day. 

I wanted to share some more road trip inspiration with you this late afternoon on a sunny Sunday.

These southern doors, I adore!

 The ONE really "warm day" 71 degrees

 All of the following animals roamed
free in the Moody Gardens Jungle Pyramid
I don't know the names of these birds/flowers,
but their colors are amazing

 These Macaws are breath taking!!

 The Military Macaws are my absolute favorite!

 Look at that color!

 Grooming each other!

 They really didn't want to pose nice for any pics.

 This guy was a ham! He would dance and pose when
he saw the camera or if you talked to him. He
was never trained to do any of this, he just loves
the attention! 
See his FUN disposition?!

These are called Hyacinth Macaws

 This fuzzy fellow was less then 30 feet from 
me, they can jump 30 ...

 Goofing around at the Natural Science Museum of 
Houston ... Pumping Iron :)

 At the Museum of Fine Arts Houston
This was my favorite painting
Artist: Kees van Dongen
C. 1919
The Corn Poppy

Artist: Auguste Renior
c. 1890
Girl Reading

 Artist: Pablo Picasso
Seated Woman

The road trip allowed me to see many cool and fun things and I got to experience
Mardi Gras for the first time! I would post my BEAD pics, but they are on my phone. 

We traveled many miles and covered several states, but as tired as I was and as long as it
seemed at times I'd be up for another trip real soon... so where am I going next?
What is your favorite travel destination? Maybe you have cool stuff
where you live and you want to show me how fantastic your country/state/city is!? 


  1. Great + nature + travel...3 of my favorite things!!

    So nice to meet you through FB’s Magically Mixed Art Community.
    I am your newest blog follower! :)

    All the best,
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  2. First, thanks for your comment--glad you liked the post/sketch! Second, very striking photos--not a result I ever get with my camera at the zoo. Third, nice to see your painting progress throughout this blog :]

    1. Thank you, I wish I could say I have this really nifty camera and actually use all of the settings on it. I just use a Nikon CoolPix S630, and for this well lit zoo, kept it on auto, no flash and would switch to macro for flower shots :)


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