Monday, March 19, 2012

Vulpes Vulpes

So the ever wonderful fox has been running through my mind again, yes again.
Back in November, I drew some silly sketches of a very simplified Fox and typed some "Fox facts" (say that 3 times fast)!
Many other artists are also hopping on the fox wagon, and why-not with their fluffy tails and red fur, they are captivating and fun!
I was at Target and nearly bought a wallet with a fox on it ... so they are a trend too. Are they subliminally popping into my head?

I created this little fox last night and while s/he IS better then my previous sketches s/he is not looking the way I prefer... Those darn snouts! Lol

This picture is not complete, and I'm not all that sure I will complete it. 
My inner artist is on vacation, which is just silly seeing as we are having 
record temps in the 80's!! 
I hope she comes back soon with lots of inspiration and direction.

When your inner artist takes a break what do YOU do?


  1. oh i like him.those eyes are captivating! I like the whimsicalness {is that ven a word?! } .Foxes are cute.i hope you do finish it.

    when my inner artist/creative person leaves no matter what i try i just stuff things up.I tend to look at fabric or paints and try and find a colour for that one thing to make me get excited again but even then when the creative side is on vacation ive learnt to just do that take a rest until im ready
    P.s elephant is packed and out in tomorrows mail.Ive got teachers meetings today,car service,and all the yucky house cleaning in between ..but tomorrow she'll officially be on her long journey usually takes 10 actual non weekend days .

  2. Love Mr Fox he is fantastic. My Mojo sometimes goes off on a tea break or little trip to the beach and last week she rescued a pink elephant... they always come back..:)


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