Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Child of Earth: she does not conform FINISHED

"A Child of Earth does not conform, from the ground she wears a cloak of moss, a pair of wings and a set of horns."

I'm not sure how she came to me, maybe in a dream? Or the place where my imagination is alive and well?
She defined herself and didn't want me to limit her or place her among reality where things are just as they are. Her world and mine dance and sing together ... she showed me that.

In the beginning I thought she would be an angel, or a butterfly

None of that suited her well

She bears no titles, or expectations

Created from all kinds of mediums, she certainly doesn't conform
nor does she need to. 

She is her own, and she is my hero. 

If someone would have told me 6 months ago when I begin painting
that I would be able to create things like this, I would have thought them
 a fool.
I'm not sure what form she will take next, but I'm already getting vibes!

Have your painted your hero? Have you painted your inner critic, the one who fills your head with 
doubt? What would he/she/it look like? 


  1. Julie i love her and the way she you let her just come without conforming!

    1. Thanks, I just had fun with her the whole time :)

  2. I love her! Love your ability to imagine such a wonderful piece.

  3. Beautiful!! I love all of her layers - she is so complex!


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