Thursday, May 17, 2012

One step closer... To selling my art.

I would say that I create in my sleep, its true. I will dream myself awake with an idea or an image, and while a dream journal is a great way to keep track of all those amazing thoughts, I cannot paint them into reality in the middle of the night. Thus those detailed pictures get squished between my hand and the snooze button. 

When I'm wide awake and my brain is full of mundane "life" stuff, sifting through it to find an image or a burst of inspiration seems to take much more work. It is a pretty messy office in my brain upstairs. The file cabinets are bursting with loose papers, there are completely empty files and stacks of things that could just be thrown out.

With all that chaos, I create first and think later ... many times this works. Then there is THE REST of the time.  

This painting started out as the image in the upper left corner.
I started over and had the image in the bottom left corner. 
While she was an improvement, I just wasn't happy and 
finally, she made her Debut as Lady Fox.

This little birdie was in instant success and 
was finished in 15 min.
Stopping to "Smell the Tulips"

For me part of the creative process is acknowledging that not all things have to make sense. In fact in the land of whimsy it is often better it doesn't. There is no planet where foxes run and flowers bloom with the luminous planet Earth off the horizon ... but so what.

Not all people are going to like what I create, and I honestly appreciate that. I often find it amusing when people Don't like my work.
Yep, totally true. I get some twisted high off of creating something only to have my Hubby look at it perplexed. I know instantly he isn't amused with it and that is completely fine. 

That is not to  mean that the pressure is off and I have some kind of overwhelming freedom. Recently I've added a new bit of technology (the Artisian 1430 printer) that is if anything making the pressure even more great. After painting for just under a year I have had an unbelievably amazing journey, I have learned much and have become quite comfortable with the process. Knowing when to take the next step however,  is scary. 

The once wide path has narrowed to a 4 inch balance beam and before I get down to the "wire" I have to answer a question. Why am I doing this? 

First and foremost I do this because I love it! When a once bare canvas suddenly evokes emotion, and a character or color combination resonates within me, others pick up on that.
I don't think God granted me this ability just to keep it for myself, but to share it with others. To send a smile, to share a story, to make others happy.  

I have been questioned several times about selling my work. Do I sell my work? Do I have a website? Why am I not selling? When will I start selling?

Currently I sell commissioned work. 
I only have a blog to display my work (I am a "basic" techie)
I am not selling because I'm chicken I have lots of excuses and feel like I need to learn more (do we ever stop learning?). 
I do however plan to sell soon, maybe, probably ... 

That printer was a commitment (thus the pressure). I mean if I wasn't going to make prints of my work with it, it would be really impractical to have. 

Lucky for me, fear has shifted in the last few years. It used to mean stopping dead in my tracks a road block with no detour insight. Now it is just a Yield sign or even a motivator.  "Caution, growth and opportunity ahead, proceed wisely."

I simply call this girl "Little Miss". Though I think a more appropriate
title might be as stated above; "Stopping to smell the tulips".

Lucky for me, fear has shifted in the last few years. It used to mean stopping dead in my tracks a road block with no detour insight. Now it is just a Yield sign or even a motivator.  "Caution, growth and opportunity ahead, proceed wisely."

So that is where I am now ... I create in a home studio that my hubby helped to set-up. Its quaint and I'm out growing it at a rapid rate! So time to sell what I have, to make room for the new right?! Ack!!

I have been absolutely terrified every moment of my life - and I've never
let it keep me from doing a single thing I've wanted to do. - Georgia O'Keeffe 

A big Shout Out to Mindy Lacefield of Tim's Sally. Who has inspired me to work with my inner 7 year old via her e-course, "Paint Your Story".  The paintings above were created while in her class and I have really enjoyed "letting go" and painting what is organically in me. If you want to free yourself and see what your inner child has to say, I suggest checking out her blog and signing up for the next session :)

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  1. I could've written this post.

    A man recently wrote a review on Amazon about an Abstract book and he basically called the contributors rip-off merchants out for what they can get. It's not proper art. From what I can gather the abstracts sound quite grungy rather than clean lines. Now his review probably didn't mean to but he made me want the book even more - and I told him so in the comments as well as telling him that art was subjective and just because grunge wasn't to his taste doesn't make it not art. I am so totally grungy and I KNOW a lot of people don't count that as art but like you, I love doing it, it frees my mind and hey, if someone were to want to buy a piece off me then Craig would have to hold me back from jumping with joy and just giving the piece to them. Like he says, the time has come to dip my toes in the water, even if it just means my hobby pays for itself... the boost to my confidence would be immeasurable.

    Go for it lady! And just so you know, I personally love your stuff and am not usually a one for whimsical paintings. Some of yours have a kind of dark undertone to them, not all sweetness and light.


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