Monday, June 25, 2012

Paintings, Butterflies and Life.

So where have I been ... well that is an a loaded question because the answer far surpasses the attention of most blog readers! 
Life suddenly got busy, and rather then sit back and watch I took the wave and have been riding it ever since. 
Here is a brief summary:
  • Interpreting career has been very full, challenging and rewarding
  • Finished one art e-course and then started taking another
  • Finished my 3rd commission and have 4 and 5 lined up already
  • Celebrated Hubbies 40th birthday with a big bash
  • Will be celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary on Tuesday
I always feel so honored and blessed when I am asked to paint something for someone, but those requests aren't void of trials and tribulations.
Its one thing to paint from your soul, its another to paint from your brain. I feel less of the "joy" when painting a commission as I become so engulfed in the process. Suddenly "perfection" takes center stage and I am merely a lost shadow. 
I lose site of the goal. When I am approached it is because MY style has captured the eye of another; remembering that, I finally let go of form and embrace what I know and love. I grow and become whole again. 

Just when the Caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly. 

I am not a lover of symmetry, so butterfly wings were hard to achieve at first. This is actually the 4th butterfly and to arrive at this,  I had to consult a repeating dream I had been having. 
I had dreamed  that I was in an art class and rather then focus on balance the teacher wanted symmetry. I felt stuck and would get yelled at for not following the rules. No matter how nice my painting looked it was never good enough. In my dream I teach myself to become ambidextrous and draw each outline of my paintings with two hands so each half would be the mirror of the other. 
In reality, I am right-handed. My left hand has very little responsibility and lacks confidence. 
Feeling desperate I grab two pieces of white pastel and in one fluid motion my two hands work as one. In seconds I had the shape I was after and that was all it took! Who knew such a feat was possible?

I love wrapping the images around the sides of my canvases.

I am anxious to try this technique again in future paintings to see how it works for my faces!

Since the painting has been completed I have had NUMEROUS encounters
with butterflies, to the point of freaky.

I have had them land on the windshield while in the car at a stop light.
Nearly ran over them while they lie on the road in front of 
my drive way.
The most freakish was when I was walking along a wall of windows
down a hall way at a building I was working. 
The butterfly in a lovely outdoor atrium was following me the whole walk
down and just as I was about to turn the corner
the butterfly repeatedly flew into the glass making an audible noise!
I was so surprised that I stopped and walked toward the window
at which time the butterfly relaxed and landed on the window sill.
I was stunned and took two pictures. One was a shot of a calm creature
the second was a much more curious creature as it tilted its body upward to look
right at me!  Some day I may share those:)

At the same time the painted butterfly was taking transformation I had started to hang out with a new friend ... kinda weird. The butterfly has many symbolic meanings, but "soul" is one that comes to mind. I feel like I have known this person (newer friend) for a long time and that is rather cool ... We both just "get it",  everyone should have a friend like that. :)

I hope all of you wonderful readers are doing well, leave a message and say HI :)



  1. I've only done two commissions and both for the same person but I know what you mean. I am trying to grow my nails after being a lifelong chomper and believe me it just ain't happening throughout that whole process and then the waiting on the 'verdict'. ;) Good tip to remember that that person asked ME for MY style. Really good tip.

    Loved your butterfly story - both your dream and your experience. As for your friend, I've been lucky to meet a couple of people like that through my blog - just a damn shame they live so flipping far away!

    Love your art work as always :)

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment. I have been astounded that people like my work as much as they do, I have only now JUST been painting for one year. I know what you mean about distance, I have meet some great friends via art, but that distance thing is certainly a factor :)

  2. Whomever commissioned this painting is lucky to get it! It's beautiful. I too love the way you got past your symmetry hurdle. Such a creative and intuitive approach

  3. Loved your story and the piece - always nicer when you know the story --- your buyer must be delighted with it....

  4. Your butterfly is amazing! Your client should be overjoyed!

  5. Lovely storytelling. Lovely painting. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Thank you all for the wonderful comments!

  7. Loved the painting, drawn to the butterfly story since I have also experienced an amazing abundance of butterflies this year. I was A few months ago I was sitting out in the sun reading a very spiritual book, which just happened to have a butterfly on the cover. I finished the book and thought I should really get in the studio to start a new HUGE painting, which I had been putting off forever. As I went into the house, a butterfly was fluttering on a window screen, attempting to get out. I thought " that's odd, it's much too early for butterfly season" but I removed the screen to let it out. A minute later, it was back on the screen outside of the screen fluttering, then gone, then back again, then gone. I finally went outside to see what it was doing, and it flew right up to land on the window of my studio.
    I figured it was a message to release the fear of beginning the painting, so I went up , unwrapped the canvas and stared at it. My vision for this painting had been planned for months, but I was so unsure about where to begin. I knew it was going to be an angel figure, and as I stood in front of it and put my hands on my hips to ponder, MY shadow was a perfect outline on the canvas! All I had to do was raise my arms and pencil MYSELF!!! I got goosebumps it was such a powerful lesson in conquering fear. From a little butterfly.
    I'm sorry this is such a long post, but I have to share it with those who can relate...
    xoxoxo Lori

  8. Your paintings are very dreamy and magical. Beautiful work.


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