Thursday, June 2, 2011

Writing for Writing's Sake

     Have you ever started something with all the determination in the world only to watch it fizzle out? Yeah, me neither ... haha. 
     I begin this blog to WRITE because it is something I love to do. I thought I'd have endless possibilities and countless topics just screaming to be placed into type for the world to see, but I was coming up empty. Yet it wasn't writers block, I just lost my focus. The pit to which I yelled was so vast I am still waiting on hearing my echo ... I walked away. I left a perfectly good blog to sit helpless on the internet, starving for attention. 
     I never forgot about it, in fact it wouldn't leave me alone. I was reminded on a daily basis of my blog, every text, email or tweet had a subliminal message: "you are a blog failure". "Gasp ... what? Failure? By who's standards?!  Mine. I have no readers stocking me for my next blog post, I still have no comments. I'm not yet established so how did my standards get so high? Well that is how I roll.
     I have the habit of taking on a task with the objective to be a master on the first attempt. I jump from step-one to step-five completely bypassing steps; 2,3 &4. That recognition is monumental because I'm able to refocus and learn.
     Most of our successes are not based on the arrival, but on the journey. Imagine if Dorothy in "The Wizard of Oz" was told by Glinda "The Good Witch" to click her heals and was immediately sent home right after landing amidst the munch-kins. Short movie eh?  The middle part is where ALL the good stuff happens, I still need to find my scare-crow before I can be a writing success ... I already found my "Glinda" (you know who you are, if you are reading this).   
     My goal? To be "ME" and write to become a better writer. I want to stretch the bounds of the English language, to engage my readers and take them on a journey with me. Ultimately I want to write a book, get it published and have a best seller ... sound lofty? Probably. Can I do it? If I can dream it, I CAN do it :)
    Stay tuned!
                                                                  (Thank you to my cousin Greta, who helped to inspire me to write today.)


  1. Love it! Love you! You are wonderful in every way! I will def be staying tuned! :)

  2. The best blogs I've ever read are people just being real, so I can't wait to read more!


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