Thursday, March 24, 2011

Writing Nest Blues

      My writing nest is in complete disarray as our electrical (in the basement)  is under repair. This morning the wiring was an ominous jungle of pent up hostility dating back nearly a year to when the issue begin.  Two outlet receptacles stopped allowing the flow of electricity. The stubborn buggers carefully hid the source and not behind the walls. We had no choice but to use an "air raid" attack method,  holes were strategically  cut into the ceiling  until the junction box  aka the PROBLEM was revealed.  Eight hours later we've seemed to rectify the issue... for the most part, loose ends are peaking through the walls and my heart nearly palpitating … I am after all a Virgo. 

                                                                                                         the ceiling

missing outlet

     I was hoping to work on a specific writing piece to add to my blog but It feels like I am on a stage in a foreign venue … a seedy sort of environment where the locals  are anything but friendly.  The sectional couch is strewn about while random tools lounge on their laps.  Extra wire is coiled up on the floor and flash lights have lost their brilliance.  I stumble with my words unable to relate to the audience and am anxiously awaiting the curtain.

one part of the sectional making friends with a snake light

wires, plastic and another part of the sectional

     Right now  I am uninspired as I look around the room, chaos stares back at me.  This is of course temporary, Temporary, TEMP-O-RARY!   

This is dedicated to Chad and his uncle Skip, for without his knowledge we would not see the light at the end of the tunnel ... literally!


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