Thursday, June 16, 2011

Blog: deceiving eyes:
Eyes that deceive: when I got home from running errands I was confronted by this crumpled-up spider by the dogs bed. I was horrified and although it appeared to be dead I was in fight or flight mode. 
I honestly wanted to flee, but for the sake of my doggies and my ability to sleep tonight I knew I had to confront my arachnid fears. 
My hairs were standing on end and I began pacing back and fourth... My ears ringing and my brain calculating the best way to confront this intruder. I decide to take a closer look to be sure it was dead... I blew on the crumpled mass and it rolled effortlessly across the wood floor. I look again and begin to chuckle with my sly left-sided smile in full view of my two dogs.
It wasn't a spider at all, but a wadded up ball of string... Such a poser! 
I look at my two canines whose heads are cocked, tails wagging and lacking all judgment... yet tell them," haha, I knew all along it was string!" 
*sigh* deceiving eyes...


  1. Too funny! I've been guilty of this before myself! Your posts are very interesting. I'm digging in and now following you.

  2. Thanks for joining!! I'm new at this whole blog concept and am just writing whatever comes to mind, enjoy :)


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