Thursday, August 11, 2011

Time to unplug?

     I'm addicted to the TV. Yeah, I said it ... A-D-D-I-C-T-E-D, a-ddic-ted!  The "boob-tube" is on when I sleep, when I eat, when I read and even when I think. I watch so much television that there are moments in my life when I envision a commercial break, as if I were staring in a long running series. Sad, right?
     However, the "goggle box" does not  rule my entire life. I maintain employment, I see friends and do lots of activities that don't include spending time in front of the television set. In fact when I visit my GA family for a week at a time where "no t.v." is a religious rule, I survive just fine.
    My habits don't prevent me from living my life, and I'm not harming anyone ... so why do I want to stop?
    Well... watching the "tube" is just not necessary. I find I watch things I've seen, I'm bored with whats available and I feel like its an over stimulant. I don't just watch the "idiot box"  I'm always multitasking, painting my nails, talking on the phone, talking with my husband, playing a board game, painting, drawing etc, etc. Mr. Telly has simply worn out his welcome!
    On a more tangible note, cable isn't getting cheaper. Our triple-play costs us $185.00 a month!! Could you imagine having an extra $185.00 a month?? I can, I see debt being paid off, investing in my future and saving for a rainy day. Perhaps a vacation, a shiny- red- patent leather- pair- of- heels, a rain slicker or a tattoo!! So many possibilities!
    In all honestly breaking away from the MTV, ESPN, TLC, NAT-GEO and every other acronym will allow me to live in the present. I want my days to be filled with art projects, heart-felt conversations with my husband, dinner at the table, long walks with the dogs, watching the stars and thoroughly enjoy a movie because I want to, not just because its there.
    So the cable must go ... after 19 years this will be a challenge, but I think spending time reading, writing and creating will bring out the "ME" in me.

Thanks for Tuning-in!

This Blog was brought to you by the letters, J & B and numbers 7 & 9


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